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Caring for New Build Gardens

In the case of 'new build' gardens, you will almost certainly have your front garden installed by the developer.

Rear gardens will be rotovated, and stones coarse enough not to go through the rake will be removed.

The ground has been disturbed during the build of your new home. Ground issues may not always be immediately obvious, e.g., a wet lawn after rain does not mean you have waterlogged ground. In some cases it may take up to two years for natural drainage to re-adjust.

Your new Plants/Turf/Trees

Turf will be supplied weed free, any seed in the soil or birds dropping seed can be dealt with by the aftercare which you decide is best for your garden.

NEWLY LAID TURF OR GRASS SEED NEEDS WATERING IN!  Not enough water, and gaps will appear in-between the turf. It is advised that the water should penetrate through the turf to the soil beneath it. Please be aware you are responsible for your own garden aftercare once installed.

If you are part of the customer care process, please liaise with the appropriate department.

Do not prune when flowers buds are visible - Prune after flowering as a rule. In the case of plant growth roots require air, so forking/loosening your soil at least once every year is vitally important.

Not doing this may lead to the plant becoming choked, and add to its speedy decline, this will also aid natural drainage and mix topsoil with subsoil to allow fresh nutrients nearer the roots.
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